ASR in the Lower 48

ASR wells are found in many locations throughout the United States. The highlighted states below are locations where at least 1 ASR well is present. However, this page is still under construction, so not all links contain data. For locations with specific site information please refer to: Map of ASR Locations.

Alabama: n/a
Arkansas: n/a
Connecticut: n/a
Illinois: n/a
Indiana: n/a
Kentucky: n/a
Louisiana: n/a
Maine: n/a
Maryland: n/a
Massachusetts: n/a
Michigan: n/a
Mississippi: n/a
Montana: AR in Gallatin County
Nebraska: n/a
New Hampshire: n/a
New York: n/a
Ohio: n/a
Oklahoma: n/a
Rhode Island: n/a
Tennessee: n/a
Vermont: n/a
West Virginia: n/a
-City of Oak Creek discontinued use in 2011 
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