General Information:
3 ASR wells operated by the Goleta Water District


  • Max injection of 1,500 acre-feet of water in a single year
  • Past 16 years, a total of 7,129 acre-feet injected, or 446 acre-feet per year on average
  • Source water from Lake Cachuma
  • 3 ASR wells


  • Began injecting water into aquifer in 1978
  • Originally used fire hoses to fill wells
  • Later developed ASR wells 

Additional Information:

Groundwater Management Plan-Goleta Groundwater Basin: (Groundwater_Management_Plan_Final_05-11-10.pdf). Written by Steven Bachman, PhD (May 11, 2010) for the Goleta Water District. http://www.goletawater.com/water-supply/groundwater/

June 2006-Water News-Goleta Water District: (Goleta_CCR_6_12_06.pdf) http://www.goletawater.com/water-quality/