General Information:
13 current, future, and proposed ASR wells managed and operated by the city of Roseville.

Highlights (as of 2012):
  • 4 ASR wells
  • 2 future wells (previously drilled)
  • 7 Proposed wells
  • Except for emergency purposes, county policy does not allow Roseville to use groundwater as a source of supply
  • Pilot project initiated in 2004
  • In 2006, injected more than 767 acre-feet of drinking water, extracted, treated, and distributed this water in 2007
  • State permit requires the city of Roseville to extract 300% of the injected volume
Roseville's Annual Surface Water Supply: 
  • A total of 66,000 acre-feet per year: 
    • Contract entitlement with U.S. Bureau of Reclamation equals 32,000 acre-feet per year
    • Contracts with local agencies for 34,000 acre-feet per year
Long term ASR goal:
  • Inject 10,000 acre-feet of treated water per year    
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Additional Information:

Southwest Hydrology published the following article:

ASR in Roseville: Navigating Water Quality Issues: (attached)

An ASR demonstration project in Roseville, California, is improving understanding of the water quality implications of underground injection and recovery. Results show a five-foot rise in groundwater levels, significant reductions in TDS levels, and attenuation of disinfection byproducts.

Peterson, C., Glotxbach, K., 2008. ASR in Roseville: Navigating Water Quality Issues. Southwest Hydrology. 7.3: 30-32 

Documents, links, and additional Information:

ASR in Roseville: Navigating Water Quality Issues: (SWHVol7issue3.pdf) Southwest Hydrology 

Final Environmental Impact Report: (ASR_Final_EIR Roseville, CA.pdf) Aquifer Storage and Recovery -City of Roseville, California