Joint Powers Water Board

The Joint Powers Water Board (JPWB) operates the only ASR well within the state of Minnesota. 

The JPWB constructed the ASR well to supplement storage capacity and avoid constructing additional water treatment plants or water towers (JPWB, 2011). 


Following obtained from JPWB (2011)
  • Source water obtained from distribution center
  • Water stored in Mt. Simon aquifer
  • Injection rate ~310 GPM
  • Annual recover up to 90 million gallons
Following obtained from MDH (2009)
  • Well completed in 2007
  • Well 504 ft below ground surface and accesses Mt. Simon aquifer
  • The storage aquifer is considered confined; it underlies the Eau Claire aquifer and overlies volcanic and sedimentary rock
  • ASR well (well #9) is located in St. Michael (location unknown)

Additional Information:


Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). 2009. Joint Powers Water Board Brings Aquifer Storage Technology to Minnesota. Water Line. 16 (4): 8 p.

Joint Powers Water Board (JPWB). 2011. Annual Water Quality Report. Reporting Year 2011. 6 p.

Information of interest:
Minnesota Department of Health's Source Surface/Groundwater Assessment website contains the Joint Powers Water Board Source Water Protection Plan. Listed are 8 wells, aquifer type, and aquifer sensitivity. Aquifer lithology for these wells range from bedrock to glacial deposits. A map of the source water protection area is also available.