Las Vegas

Las Vegas maintains the world’s largest ASR system. Operated by the Southern Nevada Water Authority, this ASR scheme was developed to recharges their primarily alluvial aquifer, supplement the City’s emergency supply, meet peak water demands, and minimize land subsidence.

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Highlights: the following obtained from the Las Vegas Valley Water District Fact Sheet (u.d.), except where noted:

  • Injecting water since 1987
  • A total of 78 injection wells
  • Uses a combination of aquifer recharge wells, duel use wells, and production wells
  • Water, obtained from the Colorado River, is treated prior to injection
  • A gross total recharge of 351,017 acre-feet achieved from 1987-2008
  • In 2003, achieved an injection rate of 102.8 MGD using 53 injection wells (Prieur, u.d.)


Aquifer information (Prieur, u.d.):

  • Aquifer lithology: semi-consolidated interbedded sands and gravels
  • Transmissivity: 6000 to 300,000 gallons per day per foot
  • Storativity: 10^-4 to10^-8
  • Porosity: 10 to 20 %
  • Annual natural aquifer recharge: 21,000 to 57,000 acre-feet

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Publications of interest

ASR in Las Vegas: 
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