General Information:
The City of Beaverton operates 3 ASR wells (as of 2011). Water obtained by the Joint Water Commission Water Treatment plant is stored in interflow zones within the Columbia River Basalts. The City has groundwater pumping capacities of 6 million gallons per day. 


Information obtained from the city of Beaverton's ASR Statistics and Facts : 

  • 328 million gallons of treated water recovered from June 2008-October 2008
  • 3 ASR wells= ~12% of Beaverton’s total annual distributed drinking water in 2008
  • New ASR well drilled in 2011
  • 450 million gallons stored in 2007/2008 and 428 recovered (value includes 5% state-mandated reduction of storage account)

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Additional Information:

Following obtained from Oregon Water Resources Department Below Ground Storage Site Search:

Aquifer thickness: 1,000 ft
Hydraulic Conductivity: 160-680 ft/day
Transmissivity: 1,200-50,000 ft/day
Static Water Level: n/a
Specific Capacity: n/a
Storativity: n/a

Documents, links, and additional information:

Woody, J. 2007. A preliminary assessment of hydrogeologic suitablity for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) in Oregon. Master's thesis: Oregon State University