McCarty Ranches

General Information:

4 ASR wells inject treated water into Columbia River Basalts. McCarty Ranches, in conjunction with Madison Farms, pioneered the use of ASR for agricultural purposes in Oregon. The ranch obtained a limited license in 2003 to supplement irrigation water. A highly sophisticated system is used to monitor recharge volume, injection rate, pressure and nitrate levels. 

Additional Information:

Following obtained from the Oregon Water Resources Below Ground Storage Site Search:                                                                   

Aquifer thickness (ft): 25-700
Hydraulic Conductivity (ft/day): 10
Transmissivity (ft/day) : 7800
Static Water Level (ft): 386-394
Specific Capacity (gpm/ft): 51
Storativity: n/a

Supplemental Information:

Woody, J. 2007. A preliminary assessment of hydrogeologic suitablity for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) in Oregon. Master's thesis: Oregon State University