General Information:

The city of Pendleton obtained an ASR limited license in 2003. Drinking water is injected into the Columbia River Basalts through 3 ASR wells. Project capable of injecting 500 million gallons per year with recovery up to 450 million gallons per year. The City uses this water to supplement summer water supply. Additionally, Pendleton is pioneering the development of pico hydropower via ASR by way of microturbines and regenerative drive technology.

Additional Information:

Following information obtained from the Oregon Water Resources Below Ground Storage Site Search and from the City of Pendleton's Public Works Department: 

Aquifer thickness (ft): 70
Hydraulic Conductivity (ft/day): 500-2200
Transmissivity (ft/day): 48,000-150,000
Static Water Level (ft): 162-165
Specific Capacity (gpm/ft):11-120
Storativity: 3.3x10-4 to 7.3x10-5

Supplemental information:

Woody, J. 2007. A preliminary assessment of hydrogeologic suitablity for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) in Oregon. Master's thesis: Oregon State University