General Information:

6 ASR wells, operated by the City of Salem, storing treated drinking water under the South Salem Hills.

  • Treated drinking water piped from North Santiam River
  • Used to supplement supply and back-up emergency supply
  • 6 ASR wells located in the Columbia River Basalt
  • 300 feet below surface
  • 1st limited license project in Oregon to test ASR
  • Initiated in 1997
  • Injection ranges from 0 to 450 million gallons per year 
  • Recovery=1.6 to 503 million gallons per year

Additional Information:

Aquifer Information obtained from Oregon Water Resources Below Ground Storage Site Details:

Aquifer thickness: 30-150ft
Hydraulic Conductivity: 400-700 ft/day
Transmissivity: 12,500 -23,000 ft/day
Static Water Level: 185-195 ft
Specific Capacity: 0.1-200 gpm/ft
Storativity: 0.01  

Documents, links, and additional information:

Woody, J. 2007. A preliminary assessment of hydrogeologic suitablity for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) in Oregon. Master's thesis: Oregon State University