General Information:

3 ASR wells capable of storing a combined total of 400 million gallons of drinking water each year. Project granted limited license in 2001. Water is stored in Columbia River Basalts.


The city of Tigard developed an ASR system to procure emergency water supply, to reduce the need to develop additional storage facilities, to reduce dependence on traditional water sources, and to acquire and inject less expensive winter water for use during summer months. 

Additional Information:

Obtained from Oregon Water Resources: Below Ground Storage Search:                                                                   

Aquifer thickness (ft): 47-187
Hydraulic Conductivity (ft/day): 0.1-200
Transmissivity (ft/day) : 20-9800
Static Water Level (ft): 230-250
Specific Capacity (gpm/ft): 2-13
Storativity: n/a

Documents, links, and additional information:

Woody, J. 2007. A preliminary assessment of hydrogeologic suitablity for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) in Oregon. Master's thesis: Oregon State University