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"The science of hydrology would be relatively simple if water were unable to penetrate below the earth's surface"

-Harold E. Thomas

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  • What is groundwater?
  • Basic Hydrogeology
  • Basic Ground-Water Hydrology
  • Groundwater Manual
  • Methods of Determining Permeability, Transmissivity, and Drawdown

Perfect for beginners: a video on groundwater!

Presented by King County's Groundwater Protection Program, WA

In need of some funny groundwater cartoons or just a good laugh? The Netherlands chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologist has created some very witty cartoons on the subject and can be used freely for presentations.

Storing water underground: Aquifer Storage and Recovery

What is ASR?

Find out why that is not an easy question to answer. 

Interactive Map of ASR in the U.S.
(partial list of sites; locations will be added and updated periodically)